A full-service production house in Bali for creative content creation.

Bunny + Dust is your full-service production house. We produce creative content that transcends the ever-changing and evolving media landscape.

Our production house is based on Bali, Indonesia – one of the top hotspots for content creation around the world. This gives us access to exquisite settings of natural landscapes and seascapes and the most trendy real estate.

Let us guide you through the complete process of content creation.


Do you run a brand and need your e-catalog updated?  Let us take care of that! We are the secret weapon your e-commerce biz needs to boost your sales.

Campaign / Editorial

We bring your brand’s narrative to life through standout visuals tailored to your needs, such as campaign production or on-theme editorial projects.


Give your brand’s online presence an aesthetic makeover with flay lay images that look like they came straight off Pinterest. Or we simply shoot your products with a seamless white background or ghosting mannequin for your fashion products.

Photography Subscriptions

Tailored for e-commerce businesses with frequently updated collections.

Tired of project timelines that drag on? Wish you could free up time wasted onboarding creators between collections? We feel you, content creation can be such a hot mess. That’s why we do hassle-free photoshoot subscription plans that cut out all the BS and get right down to it. Once you subscribe, our team will handle your future drops, so you never have to worry again about lining up new photographers, getting them up to speed, and aligning schedules. Here’s to smooth sailing!

To be clear, by subscription we mean:

- Recurring photoshoots; not a one-off collaboration
- Photoshoots booked on a monthly or quarterly basis
- Freedom from signing a contract
- Consistent terms. In other words, no messy renegotiations for new collections
- Onboarding only once – subsequent projects go straight to creative development

No more headaches. Subscribe to one of our plans and receive your edited photos and videos just 21 days after your products reach our team.

Get us your products. We’ll take care of the rest. Rinse and repeat.

Get in touch to learn more about our subscriptions

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We believe in making life-long connections through great communication.

I’m ready to start! What’s my next step?

Next steps would be to schedule an initial call with us here. The purpose of this call is to confirm that we’re a good fit to work together, discuss the project timeline (depending on your goals and our availability) and then we’ll send over the budget proposal.

How does payment work? 

We like to keep it simple. You’ll make a 50% deposit upon signing the budget proposal, to secure your slot, and the remaining 50% upon completion of the project. 

Do you work with clients worldwide? And how can I send my products to you?

Yes! As of this moment we’ve worked with clients in 8 different countries in over 3 continents. The are many different option to create a virtual meeting so we barely even feel the distance.

It's best to ask your local post office about the options to send your products to us. We can also give you some tips that we have learned a long the way ;-)

What is my project timeline?

Our deadline for the final deliverables is maximum 30 days after we have received the products. It could vary depending on the size of the project & amount of final deliverables.

What happens if I don’t like the creative development you send me? 

Though this is very rare, it can happen sometimes. Since we pride ourselves on providing a great experience, what we do at this point is to jump on a call armed with visual references to get really clear on what you’re after. Following this, we will create a new concept, and you’ll still have 1 round of revisions to tweak if necessary. So far, none of our clients have needed more than this to be fully happy with this, but if necessary, we can make extra revisions at our rate of $85/h. 

I need the photos or videos to be completed ASAP. Do you offer rush packages?

For our rush packages, we add an additional 35% to the quote as we often have to bring in outside help, and freelancer rates are always more than in-house. We also require you to be able to provide same day feedback for faster turn around. It is always however dependent on availability and not always possible. 

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