Full range of production service for the new Protest SS22 collection including creative direction, production, location scouting, photography, videography, styling and post-production.

The Marketing manager of Protest reached out to us for the first time, in early 2020, when Covid hit and cought the world off guard. No travelling – total lockdown. Through a common friend, they asked us for help to create content for their lookbook, their bible for the sales season. The content (photos and film) will also be used for the Protest online shop and socliamedia marketing.

Instead of the Protest team flying out to a paradise destination with a huge production team, we took the project over in Bali and produced all of their content needed.

The first production for Protest could not have gone better. They supported us all the way through the pre-production. From shipping the products, to providing us with a moodboard, set-list of all outfits, instructions about the looks, the vibes wanted, location scouting and so on. What a great experience it was to be working with such an incredible team.

Fast forward, the first production was a great success as we received an inquiry for a follow up production shortly after. We have now just finished the 3rd production.  

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