Drifter is the manifestation of passion and inspiration, the embodiment of surfing’s counterculture. It defines what it is to be a surfer, for the love of glide and flow, and for environmental immersion.

When Drifter calls, you first go for a surf and then kick off the project. Nevertheless, what needs to be created shall be authentic and salty. With that in mind, and with all the knowledge about Drifter, straight away the goal is to add to the beyond beautiful and meaningful story behind it. Drifter picks the most inspiring words, describes feelings and emotions in ways that photos and videos just hardly can capture. Challenge accepted.

Tracing every step and every character from which surfing was born to the myriad ways we experience the ocean today…

Above and beneath the surface, sliding waves in every form, Drifter encompasses it all, reflected in art and writing, historical and contemporary culture.

From the spirit of travel and adventure to the freedom of freediving, Drifter is the physical embodiment of a life lived by the tides.

This is Drifter – the Art of Surfing.”

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